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2013 - Hollowpath

Release Date : May 15, 2013


The EP that started it all.  Hollowpath laid the the foundation of Sleepwalkers heavy and dense sound.  It is available in digital format as well as on CD.


Hollowpath - 7:04

Sliver of Salvation - 6:20

The Burning Oracle - 6:34

Netherworld - 7:07

Listen and Download : Bandcamp

Available on CD : Transcending Records

A Dismal Lineage

A Dismal Lineage Album Cover.png

Release Date : December 15, 2017


A Dismal Lineage is a tribute to a few bands that have influenced us musically.  It contains 7 tracks, some are loyal to their source material, while others have our own spin on the music.  This album is free, and is only available digitally.



Eraser (Hypocrisy Cover) 04:30

My Oceans Vast (Enchantment Cover) 06:27

Into Hiding (Amorphis Cover) 03:57

To Forget (Rapture Cover) 06:25

The Sexuality of Bereavement (My Dying Bride Cover) 08:01

Sister of Night (Depeche Mode Cover) 05:43

He who Sleeps (Morbid Angel Cover) 04:01

Free Download : Bandcamp

Anno Domini

Anno Domini Cover.png

Release Date : TBA


Anno Domini is the proper follow-up to Sleepwalkers debut EP, Hollowpath.  It builds on the band's style drastically and it adds new elements and dynamics to an already huge sound.  We are excited to unleash this on the world very soon...


A Forlorn Eden - 6:39

The Seer's Sun - 5:50

No Existence - 6:00

Purgatory Rain - 6:41

Whispers Beyond The Wall 8:28

Perdition - 7:55

Anno Domini - 6:52

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