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The Story So Far

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Sleepwalkers is an international Melodic Death/Doom metal band originally formed in 2010 by founding member and main songwriter Mike Watts.  They play a style akin to old school Doom metal with influences from bands such as Daylight Dies, October Tide and old Katatonia.  Their sound is defined by detailed and layered guitar melodies, heavy impactful riffs, demonic growls and a sombre but unrelenting urgency.  

The first release Hollowpath was written and recorded in its entirety by Mike, but unsatisfied with the original vocals he recruited Caleb Bergen to fill the vocal slot and complete the album.  Hollowpath was released in May 2013 as a digital release, before it was later picked up by Transcending Records for physical distribution.

Several years later Dan Luces was added to the line-up to play Bass, and writing for a new full length album titled Anno Domini began.  With the addition of Dan, Sleepwalkers now featured members from three different countries, working together to craft their own blend of dark and powerful Doom metal.  Anno Domini contains our most ambitious material yet while keeping the heavy and full atmosphere that defines our sound.

With the official release of Anno Domini on the horizon, the band has recruited Hunter Ecker (Mistveil) to play drums, and writing of a new album has already begun.

Stay tuned...

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